Electronic Cigarette – Great Benefits

Electronic Cigarette and the Many Benefits

A recent health study ηλεκτρονικο τσιγαρο αγορα and new reports have informed the public of it’s latest findings on the many benefits of using electronic cigarette opposed to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The study was based on a worldwide survey, which was a questionnaire that read in 10 different languages. The motive of the survey was to gauge the pattern of use, the experience, side effects and benefits of electronic cigarettes.

The total amount of participants came to 19,441, and 80% of the participants fully substituted their use of tobacco cigarettes for the electronic cigarettes, while the other 20% reduced their use of 20 cigarettes a day down to only 4.

The essential findings of the survey, was that all reduction of Tobacco use was completely in part due to the vapers use of the e-cigarettes. They began their use with elevated levels of nicotine, with a total of 1-5 of the participants using 20 mg/ml of the nicotine concentration. One of the amazing findings, is that heavier smokers who have a much higher threshold for nicotine, had the same effective results, virtually equal to the lighter nicotine users.

ηλεκτρονικο τσιγαρο αγορα

Side Effect are Almost Non-Existent

More than half of the participants did infact report a few side effects but they were temporary and very mild for the majority. The side effects listed were dry mouth and throat, being the most common. First and foremost, the significant benefits that were reported were that of the physiologic functions, like breathing, olfactory and gustatory senses, also, there were major improvements found in pre-existing conditions as hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and respiratory problems.

This is certainly the largest and most extensive research campaign of electronic cigarettes to date, although the studies central focus was on the use of heavier and more habitual smokers. This demographic in particular were important to relay exactly how to use the e-cigarettes properly and to the best of their abilities, towards the ultimate goal of quitting cigarettes completely.

New Benefits of Electronic Cigarette are Being Discovered Continually

The study also discovered that the users who completely substituted tobacco cigarettes for the e-cigarette are the ones that are reaping the most benefits, as this was an expected find.There are no therapeutic elements to the electronic cigarette but for those who do quit smoking in it’s favour, will most certainly be gaining substantial health benefits.

These findings are backed up 100% by the other official and intensive studies that have already concluded, however, the need to wait for the follow-up studies are indefinite in order to retain the most accurate information concerning the overall health benefits that result from the use of the electronic cigarettes.

Just a very small amount of the smokers reported that, at the time of their initiation of the e-cigarette, the use of tobacco cigarettes were non-existent, but the percentage of those people were a mere 0.4%. Those same people were also consuming very low levels of nicotine and more than half were using non-nicotine liquid. This demographic of people is extremely small, which runs consistent to those previous studies. Lastly it should be emphasised that zero of the individuals became smokers after the initial use of the electronic cigarette, debunking the latest accusations that the electronic cigarette is a gateway to smoking.