Is Electronic Cigarette Safe?

It is hard to kick the butt once you are addicted to smoking and smoking is injurious to health are well known clichés you’ll not deny having heard a thousand times. Smoking kills millions around the world every year and people seem to be less concerned about this killing habit. Most smokers want to kick the habit, and according to reports, there has been drastic decrease in the sales percentage of tobacco in the United States. Thanks partly to the introduction of electronic cigarette; the smokeless tobacco smoking option. Also widely known as e-cigarette, this is a smokeless tobacco assumed to be less harmful than the traditional one which time will only tell as the product also happens to contain nicotine, the harmful substance. Billions of smokers have adopted this smokeless smoking habit in their attempt to quit smoking and the number is growing every day.

are electronic cigarettes safe

First introduced in China, e-cigarette was later established in the US market in 2007. Look wise, you are bound to be easily mistaken but, on careful observation you will notice that this electronic stuff vaporizes liquid for inhaling. You may wonder whether inhaling vapor or smoke is more dangerous, you will have to wait for science to bring that fact home. However, the number of people adopting this electronic cigarette is growing each passing day.

Electronic cigarette very much looks like the traditional one with the end glowing as you puff on it and inhale the vapor. When you exhale, you let out a cloud that looks much like smoke. Electronic cigarettes have batteries inside them to heat up the liquid nicotine and a cartridge to hold the liquid. This makes the stuff look hi-tech and fashionable in some ways and the high rate of adoption is attributed partly to this state-of-art puffing style. Though it is proven that vapor is less harmful than the actual cigarette, the long term risks of this exposure are yet to be ascertained. For now, the benefits of smoking electronic cigarette are:

– You do not need a lighter to smoke this vapor nicotine

– Cloud like smoke seems to be less harmful than real smoke for now

– To finally quit smoking after picking up this smoking habit a means

– Minimizing the stench of smoking the real one

– Fashionable than smoking the traditional cigarette

However, the nicotine content in the cartridges is as harmful and addictive as the one in the conventional ones. When you try to kick the habit once you are on it, you’re likely to get withdrawal symptoms which are much the same from trying to quit the conventional one. Moreover, FDA has issued a statement that e-cigarette cartridges contain carcinogens, including nitrosamines, and toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol that makes cigarette smoking harmful. From non- smokers’ point of view, e-cigarette is just another cigarette but for smokers who have picked up this habit, this happens to be both fashion and a way to quit smoking. However, if you can see yourself quit smoking some day on adopting this smokeless habit, all is well. In the end, nicotine is always nicotine no matter how hard you may try to justify.

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